Introduction to DreamBuilt Software

Welcome! At DBS we are passionate about our business and we are glad you’d like to learn more about us.

We are a close-knit team of visionaries, developers, and technical support staff who strive to make process servers and their businesses successful through our software and services.

Let us share our story with you.

Our History

DBS was founded in 1988 in Winter Park Florida, when Bob Musser had an idea – to develop software for process servers to use instead of pencil and paper or spreadsheets to track jobs. With that idea, Bob started pounding the pavement. He went from city to city in Florida and used the yellow pages to set appointments with process servers. At their offices he not only let them try his new software for free but helped set up their computer networks and fixed random IT issues they were having. With this personal, hands-on approach to customers and their issues, Bob grew DBS quickly with a loyal customer base.

Today, we continue to provide our thousands of users with hands-down the best personal experience, coupled with a powerful solution that has been trusted for over 30 years by process servers nationwide. We help our customers create professionally formatted papers, accurately track job status, form a trusted network of trading partners, and be successful business owners.

Our Leader - Bob Musser

Bob Musser has led an interesting life. Throughout his years, Bob has been a radio DJ, an electrician, a nuclear power engineer, a manufacturing engineer, and finally a successful software business owner. In 1981, Bob joined the United States Navy, serving as a nuclear power engineer on submarines. During long deployments underwater and without communication to the rest of the world, Bob taught himself computer programming. After teaching at the Navy Nuclear Power Training Center in Orlando, Bob turned to computer programming full-time in 1988, and founded DBS in 1988.

Today, Bob continues to actively lead DBS, and champion the process serving profession in general, though his leadership roles in the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) and the Florida Association of Professional Process Servers (FAPPS). In 2016, Bob was awarded the FAPPS Distinguished Service award for his tireless contribution to the success of the private process server profession.

Our Team

Our team has grown carefully over the years, with Bob hand-picking individuals who share his passion for the industry and good customer service. We think they are not only great staff but good people, so please take a moment and get to know them.


Jeanne Hurst

Technical Support Specialist

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Chris Tilley

Lead Software Developer

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Mark Avella

Technical Support Specialist

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Desy Garcia

Technical Support Specialist

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Nora Ryan

Director of Operations

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Rick Garitta

Software Developer

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Nick Alex

Software Developer

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