Tips & Tricks

WSP Partner Updates Report

Want to remove jobs from this report? Select the job(s) you want to remove, and then right-click! Select "Remove Jobs from WSP Updates". Done!

Server Report

Want to see the details for the amount you owe a Server for a Job? In the Server Report, select the "Include Line Items" box. Now the report will show the itemized details of each payment due to the Server, such as rush fees and additional addresses.

The Power of **

Use ** in any search field and the resulting search results will be everything in your database that applies to that field. So if you want to see all of your users with a specific security role, put ** in the Security Role field. Be careful how you use this though – your entire history of jobs might be quite long.

The Function Keys!

The Function Keys! PST is filled with shortcut keys and the F keys are a huge time saver to bring up windows. Knowing and learning these keys will help you to do things faster and saves a lot of time at the end. Here is a list of all of them and what they do:

  • F1 – PST Help
  • F2 – Add a New Job (Prompted)
  • F3 – Add a Similar Job
  • F4 – Look up a job by the job number. Note: if you job number is 2019005694, you only need to enter 5694. If job number is from a previous year, 2018001122, you only need to enter 18-1122.
  • F5 – Lookup by Case
  • F6 – Lookup by Client
  • F7 – Lookup by Servee List or Person Served
  • F8 – Print Batch Invoices
  • F9 – Repeat last menu selection
  • F11 – Process my Print Queue
  • F12 – This one has two features: 1) Bring forward data to fields from previous job: Date/Time served, Court Date, Type of Writ, Physical Description, etc. It save time with typing. 2) Run a Special Function

Uploading and Using E-Signatures

  1. Have server sign a sheet of paper, scan it as a JPG or Bitmap, then save to computer where you can find the file (i.e. Desktop). Suggestion: Place a blank sheet of paper over an affidavit so you can see the server signature line (from affidavit) through paper, and then sign on the blank sheet. The blank sheet doesn't need to be corner to corner lined up, just need to see the signature line so the server's signature is not longer than the line itself.

  2. Once saved to computer, open the file with Paint, and crop the signature down to the size of the signature. Save the file again as a .jpg file.

  3. To upload the signature file into PST, Go to Setup > Servers > Add/Edit Server. Click License, then click View/Change Image. Click the Load button, then browse to the server's signature file, and accept it. User will be prompted to set up a password (no less than 6 characters). Once signature is successfully uploaded, any affidavits that are attached to the job for that server (attached PDF checked on print queue) will be available for the server to digitally sign.

  4. To electronically sign the affidavits of service, the server can go to Utilities > Server Signatures, enter their name to pull up their profile, and they will see the affidavits that needs to be signed, OR they can login into their account and sign affidavits from there as well.

  5. NOTE: The first time the server signs the affidavits in PST, they will need to adjust the vertical offset of the signature so that it lines up on the line of the affidavit. This setting is located at the bottom left hand corner of the window. Once set, click 'Save Default'.

Scanning Window Descriptions

Want to save time when scanning in attachments like Signed Affidavits and Field Sheets? In the Scanning Window, If you click the "v" button (next to the description box), you can find a list of frequently used descriptions. We’ve provided some default descriptions, but you can add/edit descriptions you use often. Now when you scan a document in, hit the "v" and just select the description – less typing, less time, more consistency!

Similar Job Creation

Want to clear out the payment information in the Invoice Window for a Similar Job you have just started? In the Invoice Window, hit the "Clear" button.

The Power of %

Has your client called and asked for information on a case by defendant’s last name? Having trouble finding the correct case? If you put % followed by a keyword into a search field, then the search will provide all results that have this keyword. So if you enter %Ryan into "Lookup by Case", you will get all cases that have Ryan in the case name.

Enabling Barcodes on Postal Requests, Requests for Service, Affidavit of Lost Original, Field Sheets, and Invoices

Using this feature allows you to multi-scan these documents into PST. If you have 50 Postal Requests that you would like to scan and attach to its corresponding job, having barcode enabled on it will allow you to do so. Perhaps you have a stack of fields sheets from your servers that you would like to keep copies of. Use the barcode to multi-scan them and keep a paperless copy in PST!

Edit Multiple Jobs

Do you have a comment that needs to be added to more than one job? If you do, you can do so without going into every single job. Go to Jobs > Edit Multiple Jobs, Add the job numbers you want to add the comment to, add your comment and hit Accept.

Edit Print Queue

Did you know there is a way for you to see what you have in your PST Print Queue? Go to Utilities > Edit Print Queue. In this window you can see every Affidavit, Invoice, and Field Sheet that you have sent to the Print Queue and have not been printed yet. If you want to make sure you don’t print duplicates, you can select those and hit delete, then print everything. You can also see what’s been printed in the past, and the entire print queue, which shows what other people have put in their print queue.

Clearly Named Job Done Attachment Links

Want the links in your job done email to be clear to the Client? The link to attachments in a job done email is named after the description of the attachment. So, if you have a photo attached to a job and the photo file is names 123.jpg, but you have put a description of "Front door of residence where served", the link will be named "Front door of residence where served." So make your descriptions helpful! Also, please note – if you don’t have a description with an attachment, there will be no link in the email.