You’ve got your business license and PST to manage your work – so you have everything you need for a successful process serving business….right? Probably not.

While we’d love to say PST is all you need, you probably should have some other things, like a good website and some help in search engine optimization, and an email address that sounds professional. Maybe a solid, reliable, managed IT desktop to work on with PST, Microsoft office, and any other applications you might have.

You might also benefit from some specialized services to deal with a particular client or job.

But here’s the good news – we can help you with ALL of these things too! Check out our supplemental services below, designed to help you become and stay a successful business.

Integrated Payments Using PayLegal

Stop waiting for checks to arrive in the mail – get paid faster! Sign up with our integrated payment platform and your clients can pay your invoices instantly using credit card or ACH processing – with all payment information flowing seamlessly back into PST. For more information, go to

Electronic Filing

Did you know you can eFile your papers from within PST? We have eFiling providers that connect to PST and can file papers in:

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Georgia
  • Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Oregon
  • Minnesota
If you are interested in enabling eFiling, please contact us! We are working on more states and will update this list as new states become available.

Desktop Hosting

  • Tired of trying to keep your network security and antivirus ahead of the bad guys?
  • Are you tired of spending your valuable time trying to get and keep your IT up to the latest standards?
  • Are you worried about meeting data security and privacy standards – are your clients worried?
  • Interested in being able to access your entire business content from any computer anywhere?
  • Worried about your ability to recover your systems and data if something happens to your IT?
  • Switch to using virtual desktops and let us act as your virtual IT department. Let us host your IT domain and all of your files and applications will live on our secure, high-availability servers. So if one of your computers die, it won’t be a disaster, because it doesn’t hold your business files.
  • Pricing: Contact us – dependent on number of users and the software required

Website Design and Hosting


  • Would you like a modern, slick website that looks good on both a computer and mobile devices?
  • Do you want a website that reflects your personality and not a cookie cutter website that others might offer?
  • We can create a website quickly that updates your online presence – and help you with SEO to drive more traffic to your site.
  • Pricing: $250 per website. $100 SEO review


  • In addition to website design, we can host your website on our high-availability servers, ensuring a responsive site.
  • As part of our hosting services, we can manage your website domain and security, so you never accidentally lose your website or the security certificates that support it.
  • Pricing: $20/month plus the renewal fees for your website and security certificates


  • Are you using Gmail, AOL, or other generic email accounts for your business? We can help you set up your own domain name email account, raising your business profile.
  • When you host your website with us you get 5 free emails associated with your domain name!